Elections for Society Officers 2019

On behalf of the Board, Council and President and Past-President, now that the elections have been completed I enclose the results of the three sets of elections; for the Board; for the VP Conferences; and for the VP Administration.

President Elect: Delia McNamara

VP Systems Practice: Gary Smith 

VP Protocol and Secretary: Pamela Buckle

VP Systems Education: Andreas Hieronymi

VP Membership and PR: Angelika Schanda

VP Conferences: RIka Preiser

VP Administration: Jennifer Makar      SEE Read More FOR FULL POST

ISSS2020 - Save the Date!!

ISSS2020 will be held Saturday July 11th - Tuesday July 14th, 2020 at Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch (near Cape Town), South Africa.

(Please note day pattern for start and end of the conference this year).

Workshops will be incorporated into the main days of the meeting, and proposals for workshops, either 90- or 120-minutes in length should be submitted to the ISSS 64th Annual Meeting Journals website. at journals.isss.org
Furher information will  be coming shortly!


E-ACCESS to Systems Research and Behavioral Science

In 2014 the ISSS moved to Electronic Access to Systems Research and Behavioral Science, rather than the printed mailed copies. The major benefit is that this will not only give you immediate access to an edition of the Journal as it is published, rather than wait for delivery by post, but will also give you access to the full back catalogue of those years of this Journal that are now online. This is the access that is now included with your membership fee for this coming year, and will not result in any increase in that basic membership fee. If you do wish to have a printed copy in additi

Our Logo

The ISSS logo, derived from the integral sign originally used by the founders of our society, illustrates the society's primary interest in integration and synthesis and can be used to demonstrate these principles. The first online version of the logo, adopted by ISSS in 1997, was designed by Thomas M. Mandel, the founding webmaster of ISSS.org. The current version, updated in 2017, reverts to an earlier design and color used on the covers of Yearbooks.

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